This is our self-service digital platform for developers like yourself (we’re guessing you’re one) to find our external APIs, documentation, test them; and where you can apply for access to live data. APIs let developers connect their applications to our financial services, and customer data; so you can go on to build more innovative products even faster.

API stands for Application Programming Interface (API). It is a standard method of interconnecting systems together. APIs allow developers build systems that can exchange information in a secure manner. API integration enables automation of processes which are traditionally carried out manually.

Anyone interested in checking out how our APIs function and want to integrate them into their application. However, there are requirements to integrating with our live data.

Having a GTBank API Developer portal account gives you access to APIs on the portal. You must supply the Client ID and Client Secret when you call an API that requires you to identify your application by using your client ID and client secret. Make a note of your client secret because it is only displayed once.

Javascript, Curl, .NET, Python, PHP, Node, Objective-C and Ruby are supported on the portal.

It is free to make API calls, although the number of calls is limited on sandbox. For access to more calls, you can request to subscribe to a paid plan. We will share the APIs price list with you as soon as you are ready to migrate from sandbox to production.

Calling APIs in the developer portal (or sandbox environment) returns masked data, not identifiable customer data, while APIs in live mode return real customer data. Find our API catalogue here.

That usually doesn’t happen but no worries, just send us an email at; and we’ll sort you out as soon as is possible.

That’s easy and we always love to hear from our users or prospective developers. Reach us through the contact form or send us an email-; and we respond quickly too. There also a community forum on the developer portal where you can post your comments or ask questions.


Usage Criteria Questions

No, you don’t have to operate a GTBank account to test on the developer portal, but you will have to open GTBank account when you decide to migrate from sandbox to production

All third-party applications will be reviewed to confirm they are within the scope to use the GTBank APIs before their subscription request is approved.

You will find the Terms and Conditions here.


Access and Technical Details

On the developer portal, click sign up and follow the instructions. Your email address is required and you also create a password. That’s it.

After confirmation that your developer account has been created, visit the portal and click log in. Complete the fields to log in.

From the login page, select ‘Request new password?’ and just follow the steps. You should be back in the portal in no time.

Now that’s weird. Let’s see, first check that you entered in the correct log in details (remember your log in details are case sensitive). If you’re sure the details entered are correct, and you still can’t log in; then contact us to help sort it out.


Error / Bug Questions

This error is as a result of using an invalid or expired access token when calling an endpoint.

You will get this error if you have not subscribed to the product that contains the APIs you are using. If you have subscribed, but are still getting this error, then check if you have subscribed to the OAUTH product.

This error is either a result of trying to access information relating to another customer (whose consent you did not get) or if the user has removed the consent previously given.

This is as a result of sending the wrong access code.

This is probably as a result of calling for endpoints outside the scope of what you received consent for.


API Access and Testing

We’re glad you asked, testing our APIs is easy for every third-party developer. Just begin here at How it works; there are guides, documentation and videos. Got any issues? just let us know at

Presently, you will find APIs relating to payments, customer identity and accounts. Check here for the respective API catalogue and documentation.

Registering on the portal grants a developer access to a sandbox environment and not production data.

Click on the My Apps link to manage your applications. From here, you can create a new application and view details about the ones you have already created. Your Client ID is given for each application created.

As you might know, your Client Secret is displayed once as a security measure; so there’s only one thing to do: reset your Client Secret. It’s easy to do; just sign in and click on the Apps menu; select the application for which you want a new Secret and click on Reset. Your new Secret will be displayed. Do keep it safe 

You can create as many as you want, each with a different name.

This is a protocol that allows bank customers grant the application of a third-party developer access to their data. OAuth allows an end user customer choose to grant or deny access to a third party’s application.

The unauthorized error may arise if you are testing an OAuth based API and you are yet to subscribe to OAuth, kindly read the How-It-Works page on how to subscribe to OAuth.

With external parties, we cannot share a customer’s data without his or her consent. This is to keep in line with data protection regulation to let data owners choose whether or not to grant external parties’ access to their data.


Migrating to Production

We recommend you subscribe and test any API service of your choice on sandbox (developer portal). If you are satisfied with the functionality and think it’s a good fit for your application; then you can request for access to live APIs by filling and submitting the Go Live form.

A number of documents including company documentation and details about your intended application for which you are seeking to go live with, proof of compliance with data privacy policy and more will be asked of you.

Have a look at the Go Live form to see all that is required. We may also contact you and your company if we need further clarification and additional documents are required.

As we have to evaluate whether your application will be a good fit for our customers, it takes between 2 - 4 weeks from your request application to being approved. You will be notified when your application has been approved and the next steps to take.

We are glad you are interested in migrating from sandbox to production. Kindly fill the go live form to get more information on how our APIs work on production and the prices.



Error Codes

Invalid access token.
Authorisation wasn't successful.
Not found - Bad endpoint.
The application has sent too many requests in a given amount of time.
Server error detected.
Service unavailable.